Dairymaid Country Fresh Competition T&Cs


  1. By entering the DAIRYMAID COUNTRY FRESH Competition, entrants agree to the rules as set out below.
  2. The competition runs from 15 October 2017 until 15 December 2017. No entries received after 15 December 2017 will be considered. 
  3. This competition is open to all residents of RSA, except employees of Dairymaid, their holding companies and subsidiaries, their advertising and promotions agencies, and their immediate families.
  4. To participate in this competition, buy any two Country Fresh products and dial *120*2447*last4digitsbarcode# and follow the prompts. 
  5. Entry costs 20c for 20 seconds as per USSD entry.
  6. Winners are determined by an algorithm.
  7. Participants may enter the competition as many times as they wish over the promotional period, provided that participants purchase the participating products each time and complete the competition entry via USSD and enter a new barcode and keep the Till Slip as Proof of purchase, subject to the following conditions:
    1. All entries from disqualified participants’ cell phone numbers will be rejected
    2. No computer-based entries will be accepted
    3. Any cell phone number that enters an incorrect code 5 (five) times in succession with be locked out of the promotional competition for the entire duration of the promotional competition (“Blocked Participants”)
  8. Blocked Participants have an opportunity to call the Client Call Centre on 011 463 7445 between 09h00 – 16h30 Monday to Friday should there be a valid reason, which is accepted by the Promoter, for the Blocked Participants entering an incorrect code 5 (five) times in succession.
  9. Entries will not be recognised from 11pm to 5am.
  10. The judges' decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  11. The main prize is 400 Weber Braai rewards to be won:
    1. The winners will be selected randomly and notified telephonically that they have won a Weber Braai. Prize winners will be notified 48 hours after the campaign closes. The winners will be contacted 3 times in the space of 48 hours before another winner is selected. 
    2. Only one prize per household.
  12. No substitution or cash redemption of non-cash prizes is permitted.  Prizes are not transferable. 
  13. All participants must be over 18 years of age.
  14. Participants must enter on a phone that is owned and registered to that person. No other person can use another person’s phone for competition entry purposes. If it is discovered that participants have entered on a phone that is not registered to them they will be disqualified and the entrant will be requested to refund the prizes to promoter. This is to avoid fraud and to ensure compliance to the CPA. 
  15. Therefore, each entrant is expected to be the owner of that phone and no singular person can enter off another mobile phone number. This is to avoid additional fraud being conducted by multiple SIM card owners.
    1. The cell phone number is key to all entries. If the entrant has won on a cell phone number they cannot use another number to be contacted further, this number needs to be a number that is contactable during office hours.
  16. Each entrant is expected to have purchased any two Country Fresh Products from the list below and be able to produce a valid till slip if requested by Dairymaid.
    • Country Fresh Plus Bar One 1.5lt
    • Country Fresh Plus Blue Berry Cheesecake 1.5lt
    • Country Fresh Plus Choc Fudge 1.5lt
    • Country Fresh Vanilla Lite 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Vanilla 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Choca Caranilla 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Neapolitan 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Choc Duo 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Rum & Raisin 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Choc Mint 1.8lt
    • Country Fresh Plus Lemon Cheesecake 1.5lt
  17. By entering this competition, you authorise Dairymaid, the promoter, to collect, store and use (not share) personal information of entrants for communication or statistical purposes. 
  18. The winner or participants may be required to take part in publicity for broadcast or publishing purposes, which is conditional upon their agreement to take part in such publicity. Winners or participants that take part in any publicity will not be entitled to any payment or other remuneration for such publicity or otherwise.  All publicity and other materials will be the sole property of the promoter.  
  19. For further information or enquiries please email our consumer services customer.services@dairymaid.co.za or visit www.dairymaid.co.za
  20. Dairymaid reserves the right to extend, shorten or suspend the competition period due to technical, commercial or operational reasons, public interest, events beyond its control or generally for any reason whatsoever within its sole discretion. In the event that the competition period is extended, shortened or suspended, participants will be notified by Dairymaid thereof as soon as reasonably possible through a notice on its website. All participants who have received confirmation of a prize prior to any suspension or shortening of the competition will remain eligible to receive the prizes that have been awarded to them in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  21. No participants shall have any recourse or claim against Dairymaid as a result of: (a) any amendment to these terms and conditions, (b) Dairymaid’s cancellation, termination or suspension of the competition in line with these terms and conditions and/or (c) Dairymaid’s inability, despite attempts in line with these terms and conditions, to reach a participant.